Just Checking In

Yes we are still alive and this blog thing is still happening. It’s just happening a little slower and less frequently than initially intended. However, I think we are finally at the climax of our hectic situation. So it has to get better right? Here’s the thing we will be moving a homestead for the second time on short notice in 60 days. It’s a mess I feel like we have livestock strewn over half the county and what’s with us is ummm a little cramped. I like to think of it as efficiently positioned. Haha whatever it takes right? So basically we are in a limbo state waiting for our new place to be ready. We already have horses and some stuff there but we have everything else crammed into a very small space with us.

The bright side is that we are moving to 10.10 semi-secluded acres already in pasture with a 2ish acre yard and a house. The house is not huge by any means but it is definitely bigger than what we need I will get pictures up soon. It’s two pastures with a decent length of driveway. There is an excellent spot for a garden. The garden spot is absolutely thriving and green and lush with weeds that are taller than me. Ha! That’s where we will begin our lasagna gardening method. The chickens will finally be able to completely free range and our cattle dog will be there to protect them. There is a large field for our horses and a field on the other side of the driveway for our dairy animals (when we get them).  We are already discussing raising some meat chickens, getting some more layers, trying a few grass-fed meat sheep, grass-fed heritage pigs, and of course a grass-fed beef.
We are so excited that we can finally really get started! My wonderful husband and I have been in a holding pattern of sorts for quite sometime, just waiting for job things to work themselves out and determine if we were going to relocate or not.  We didn’t let that stop us from getting a dozen laying chickens, growing some of our food in containers, and preserving everything we can. So if you learn anything from our trials and tribulations please learn that anywhere and anytime is a the best time and place to start your own homesteading adventure. 
Now my two readers, you know who you are. Haha! Fingers crossed that this whole thing goes through and I don’t get baker acted before then.

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