When Life Gives You Lemons

When life gives you lemons, maybe one of your chickies will lay her first egg.

~Ancient Proverb~ 
Ahem. Me.
Dust bath anyone?

Sometimes when you @Finally get your homestead moved and are in the throes of cleaning, scrubbing and unpacking, your points will go out on your pump for the well. Sometimes the repair guy will need to replace the pump because of this. Sometimes he will need to replace the tank and put on a new pressure gauge. Sometimes you will have no water for a day or two.(Just a note: We had enough bottled water and gallon jugs of water to tide us over. Including watering our small animals and of course we keep the horse troughs in fresh cold water all the time, so they can go for 5 days to a week if they have to.) Everyone should consider keeping extra water handy.
Gratuitous Cat. Her name is Mouse.

Sometimes less than four hours after you water is back on, your HVAC will make loud noises and break. It will usually be 99*F and 100% humidity when this happens. I died. So that was Saturday night. It’s Monday night and the HVAC is tentatively fixed. It has to cool down some before I can turn it back on. 
Why yes our weeds are quite lovely. We will have them bush hogged soon enough. I hate weeds! That big clump of weeds? That’s where the garden is going!

Sometimes 20 minutes after your A/C is fixed your internet breaks. After the troubleshooting and begging, someone should be out tomorrow or the next day to fix it. So I am writing this post and waiting to publish it. It’s too hot to leave the bedroom(we bought a window unit for this one room) so I will catch up blog posts. I know there are so many inquiring minds. Haha 
It’s so teeny! 

Sometimes one of your first round of homestead chickens will give you her first egg. It will be a glorious little beacon of hope. Of good things to come. You will have fought to protect them. Fed them for about 5 months(all organic, GMO-Free feed isn’t cheap). You will sometimes carry them to their bed at night. You will enjoy watching them do what little chickies do. Then one day one of your girls is going to give you an egg. It’s going to be her first. It will be so small compared to others. Just remember she worked so hard on that egg. So just remember if life gives you lemons and you have chickens there will be eggs in your future.
*Actually my husband and I had been watching her. I was worried she was “egg bound” because of how she was acting. It was also insanely hot so we kept a pretty regular vigil on her. Then I went out to check on her and she wasn’t there but she left me her little labor of love. So I went around front where they like to hang out and poop on my porch and she walked right up to me for some food. She knew she did good.*

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