Meet and Greet

So… I’ve been thinking about it and you haven’t actually met the members of our Homestead. I will commence work remedying that situation now. 🙂

The Usual Suspects:
Left to Right: Zoey (Yorkshire Terrier and Official Boss of the world/Cat Herder), Bug(Blue Heeler/Border Collie and The Keeper of Animals and Grounds at Hogwarts the Homestead. Ahem… and last but certainly not least, Rats(Chorkie and Keeper of the dirty socks.) I am aware that Rats is a blindingly clever and original name. I assure it’s nothing but love for this Rat Fink TM.

Near the fireplace you will see Mouse(The Grey kitty she is the Keeper of Peace ie. World’s Sassiest Bouncer) Memaux is next he is the big orange kitty stalking the chooks(He is wanted in 14 states). The two black chickens you see are Mottled Javas and they are that’s left from the original flock. Maybe it’s just my bad luck but I am not very impressed with them. 

This is my stallion Rev or His Holiness the Reverend Egg. Your Choice. He is a pretty good sort of fello and he occasionally jumps for joy. Ok he often jumps for joy.
This is Skye my husband’s mare/Rev’s wife/grumpy old hag/total saint. 

OK this is the post for pets really. I mean none of these really make money and we don’t eat them but we really enjoy them. Well Rev sometimes makes some money and Bug the cattle dog helps work cows. I have also been working with Bug teaching her to patrol and protect chickens, calves and our other little doggies. She’s picking it up really well and will bark/growl and charge(with hackles up) anyone or anything who goes near them so I am pretty pleased. Before she was so laid back she watched a fox trying to eat a chicken alive before I got outside with the gun. So definite improvement. OK so as not to inundate you with our horde of wee beasties I will do another post on the rest of the homestead ASAP!

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