Meet and Greet Part Deux

Now for the rest of the Homestead. 

The new laying flock. They are about 7 weeks old in this picture. That was about 2 weeks ago. There are 7 Black Australorp Pullets(hens). The Black Australorps will be excellent layers of large brown eggs. Also there are 7 Easter Egger Pullets. They are reported by the hatchery to be very good layers of blue or greenish eggs. Then there is the rooster who is also an Easter Egger. 

Note: In this picture and the last you can see my super sweet pallet coop. more pics and info on that later. The idea with the pallet house is to paint it pretty soon and hang some flower boxes and a fresh eggs sign on it.
We have 18 chickens. 16 hens and 2 roosters. Soon to be 1 rooster. The adult Mottled Java is a jerk to chickens and all dogs and a coward when it came to defending the hens. So anyhow currently we have 18 chooks.
This is Charlie. He’s an Angus beef bull calf. He is a chunk and I think my Husband’s favorite.
Meet Hermione Grainger. (This is the first day we picked her up. I will put up more recent pictures soon. She is a beast now). She is our first heifer. She is Jersey/Brown Swiss X Holstein. She may have the “evil” A1 milk but I like her and she will be an excellent mother/nurse cow one day.
This is Mac another Angus bull calf.
This is Luna Lovegood. An all Jersey Heifer that we will also be keeping. Remember these pics are from the first day I got them and they were about 2 days old so that’s why they are a little “thin”. Also dairy animals will not be nearly as meaty as a meat animal being as they are for two different purposes.

This is Frank another Angus bull calf right after we unloaded him. He was a little weak right away. In an upcoming post we will discuss a bottle calf medical kit and the art of bottle raising calves.

Last but certainly not least(thought the smallest) this is Nymphadora Tonks or Tonks for short. She is a little full Jersey Heifer. She will definitely be another keeper.

Well that’s all of our livestock so far. We are looking into raising some heritage pigs, meat chickens, honey bees, and maybe even some meat sheep! We will definitely be including some of those for our 2016 goals.


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