Where Have You Been!?

Oh my gosh where have ya’ll been? I’ve missed you! I can’t believe you have been away for 2 months! What do you mean I was the one who disappeared off the face of the earth? Well… I’m sorry then. That was quite rude of me. We have been so busy out here on the homestead with gardening, meat chickens, naps that the sprout requires that I take, and everything else; I have let blogging slide down my list of priorities. I will work on it though. 

Let’s do  quick catch up and then I will do some more detailed posts on some of the things with pictures…

1.)Meat Chickens- Brooded, raised, and harvested. Now we have a freezer full of pastured, organic, GMO free whole chickens. Not saying this wasn’t without it’s own pitfalls but we talk about that in a Meat Chook post.

2.)The Sprout requires that I take a nap most days or I can’t function. No further explanation required. haha

3.)Gathering things to work on decorating and painting the Sprout’s room. Probably a blog post on that too.

4.)Halter breaking and handling the new filly.

5.)Starting Heifer’s with haltering and handling. 

6.)Gardening-Going better than I thought so far. Except for Luna the silly heifer mangling my black cherry tomato plant. Better post with pictures coming soon.

7.)Getting everything ready and collected for the Sprout. Getting ready for a new baby is exciting and terrifying!!!

8.)I am getting a Sourdough starter! I am excited to start with all the new bread, tortillas, pita bread, naan, biscuits and any other bread that uses nutritious sourdough starter

9.)There has also been a ton of new recipes and things we have been trying. Soooo adventurous. But that’s us. We are wild and crazy that way.

Yes, that’s a red fox kit. It is so cute and mean. 

10.)Continuing the war on Red Foxes! Not so much war anymore but a relocation program.(Don’t worry we are working with a wildlife sanctuary and other licensed individuals. We have a fox population boom right now in my area.)

There really is a lot more. I just have to think of it. So I will be seeing you soon. Ummmm… Typing to you soon? Just don’t disappear on me anymore though mkay?


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