Homemade Tzatziki Sauce and Our Dark Secret

Get excited!!! Super tasty Tzatziki sauce recipe and a deep dark secret. I hope you can forgive me after you hear this, but I just want to be honest with you. So I have to come clean.
Are you ready for it? Like many other people who don’t want to admit this; we are picky… My husband and I are both guilty of saying we don’t like things before we have ever even tried it. Part of our whole foods journey is making a vow to stop that and to try new things. The secret I have found is to try new things more than once and if they are good for you try to ‘learn’ to like them. Within reason of course… For example we both now like avocados. I know it’s madness. I have always wanted to like them. We both like guacamole… So it should be natural to love avocados on everything right? Apparently not if your us. First, we tried them in a salad. It was awful. A mushy nightmare. I got up the nerve to do it again about 3 months later and just had them plain with tomatoes and salt and it was O.K… Then we kept splitting one every day and now we really enjoy them.

 I am telling you this so that if your just starting your whole foods journey or just trying to eat a little better and broaden horizons; you now know your not alone. I’m sure there are many people out there who didn’t love kale or Swiss Chard immediately and that’s fine. There is an end in sight and your palate will adjust with perseverance. Just keep at it. For everyone else who immediately loved stuffing your face with granola and kale I sincerely applaud you. We are savages obviously.

Now on with the Homemade Tzatziki Sauce! It’s phenomenal. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Tzatziki is a Greek sauce commonly used on gyros. We also enjoy it on salads with roasted chicken, as a sauce for chicken, and as a dip for vegetables. Now we haven’t been eating Tzatziki for very long. So we were happy that we tried it and liked it right away. 

You will need:
 ~About  1 1/2 Cups of shredded organic cucumber that has been de-seeded, salted, and drained of as much water as possible. (Unless your a dumdum like me and forget to remove the seeds.)
~About 1 1/2 cups of Organic plain Greek yogurt.
~A small bunch of fresh dill. (Depends on how much you like dill.)
~1 Clove Organic garlic. (Or more if you like!)
~Salt to taste.

First, de-seed, shred, salt, and drain your cucumber.

Second, peel garlic and strip dill off of the thick stems.

Then take a picture of your Greek yogurt. Realize while writing the post that the picture is irrelevant. Show it anyhow because you dirtied a dish to take this picture. Feel vindicated because you made the internet look at your yogurt picture…

Third, add cucumber, yogurt, dill, garlic, and salt to your food processor and pulse until well incorporated. Obviously, if you don’t have a food processor then just chop everything and mix thoroughly. (Disclaimer: Doing this without your food processor will not be as noisy or involve as much cleaning afterwords. Consider yourself warned.)

If possible make this a day or at least a few hours ahead and let the flavors really come together in the fridge. 

I am currently going through the Sourdough Starter process and will be doing a post on that soon!!! Until then enjoy your Homemade Tzatziki sauce and just keep eating it until you like it. Unless it’s bad for you! I pretend to hate tortilla chips and salsa so I can train my palate ha ha!!!


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