Too Much Cream? Make Butter!

Like that’s even a question. How could you have too much cream? I know often times you buy cream for a recipe. This recipe will call for things like 1 cup of heavy whipping cream. You will trot merrily to the store and buy a pint or a quart of the good stuff. Back at home, you make your tasty treat, then the rest of the cream goes bad in the fridge. I know what happens. If you are milking your own cow then that’s a whole nother story. You have cream coming out of your ears.

Here’s a solution: Make butter. It seems so obvious. It’s not, though. I am, unfortunately, not currently milking a cow. I had leftover cream, though, staring me down every time that I opened the fridge. So I made butter. Now I will share with you how to do the same. This a pretty technical process and I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed so I did step by step with pictures for you. Ok, maybe the pictures are here to mask the appalling lack of writing in this blog post, of writing… Making butter is just so simple, though. I had to ramble on about inane things so that you wouldn’t just laugh me out of here.

Add cream to stand mixer.
Attach cover to stand mixer or cover with dishtowel to avoid a huge mess.
Lock into place.
I used the “2” setting.
Play with your excessively cute baby.
Glance at the mixer to determine butter progress. Panic because Butter!
Run cold water into mixer bowl and smoosh butter around to “clean” it.
Form butter into a ball.
Wrap with parchment paper and freeze or use later.

See told you it was simple.

Sweet Cream Butter:

  1. Add cream to your stand mixer.
  2. Place cover or dishtowel on mixer bowl.
  3. Mix on “2” setting.
  4. Watch for butter to start forming.
  5. Once butter is formed, wash butter under cold running water. The “cleaner” it is, the longer it will keep.
  6. Form butter into a ball and wrap with parchment paper.
  7. Use later or freeze.




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